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My first reenlistment!  Oh Happy Day, as a $20,000 bonus was forthcoming.

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Home on leave after finishing Special Forces School

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While in the Army I had the privilege of a troop exchange with the 3/273 Fallschirmjager.  This is a hollywood photo taken in Germany.


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One of my favorite photos.  This is a British 17lber armor piercing round that has partially penetrated the 102mm armor of a German Tiger tank.

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US Army Ranger School class picture.  In this picture we have just finished starving and most of us are sick.  But we are happy!

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Afghan Pic - these pictures are of my brother in law Terry Baumann and his unit, the 505th PIR, 82nd ABN Div., currently in Afghanistan

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Afghan Pic

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Afghan Pic

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Afghan Pic

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Asghan Pic - Humvee with 40mm automatic grenade launch

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Afghan Pic - The US Army cleaned out several US Toyota dealerships of their trucks.  Bet they never thought it would look like this!

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Afghan Pic - My brother Terry is on the right.

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Afghan Pic - Always time for a Hollywood shot

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My Brother Terry.