Jwxspoon's Family & Work Pictures

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The Home Office

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My beautiful daughter Carmelita, 6 years old and running our house.

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In the backyard hammock with all three of my girls, Christina (12), Carmelita (6) and Elena (5)

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The three girls at Easter this year.

eastertrucksized.JPG (65829 bytes)

Easter again, this time outside.

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My wife and I, 2 years ago, as we get ready to fly down to Port Canaveral in my Cherokee for a cruise.

JWcherokee.jpg (67533 bytes)

Another view of my first plane, a Piper Cherokee, in which I have spent many hours exploring the East Coast.  Alas, she has been sold.

Oct19_01.jpg (50189 bytes)

An early morning flight to watch the sun rise.  It looks quite different from 7500 feet.


Oct19_02 4.jpg (53173 bytes)

My stepson Nathan is still waking up.


Oct19_02 5.jpg (30266 bytes)


Oct19_02 6.jpg (33894 bytes)

Landing in Wilmington, NC. My trusty co-pilot snaps a picture on final approach.

jeffnlindasized.JPG (64701 bytes)

My wife and I are ready for a night on the town.

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Who says only little girls can play with Barbies?

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Those first few drinks on the cruise ship really relax you.

Pic00004.jpg (61508 bytes)

A gorgeous woman (my wife Linda) and a 1968 Corvette.... life is good!

xstinabalou.jpg (33551 bytes)

I haven't had a son, but I have a German Shepherd!

November6.JPG (81726 bytes)

Miniature golfing in MB

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Play Doh creations.

Pic00017.jpg (48172 bytes)

During the state doubles tournament I get ready to smack the ball.  Look out!


Pic00011.jpg (61448 bytes)

A trip to a replica of Columbus' ship, the Nina.

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My stepsons, Nathan and Larry.

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On a plantation tour in SC

Dippersized.JPG (55280 bytes)

I owned an ice cream parlor, hence the shirts.